Hey people…I, uh…confess to abandoning this blog…

I’m sorry Blog.  So, so sorry.  You must have died of starvation…and, and…dehydration…and I’m so sorry.  Will you ever forgive me, Blog?  You won’t?  Nooo!

You know what?  Fine.

I have another blog, anyway…

So…here’s my big update…in the very beginning I started a BlogSpot blog…and because my indecisive mind demanded me to, I tried a WordPress blog, too.  I experimented with both a bit…and decided that I’d just stick with BlogSpot…even though WordPress does seem to have more features…but…oh well.

If anyone happens to stumble upon this blog, or if the readers of this dying blog feel so inclined, click here to be directed to the blog I have not abandoned.  I promise you I will post more often.

You don’t believe me?  I’m hurt…what would I ever do to…oh, wait…okay, so you have a point there…but…b-b-but…this time, this time, for sure.  If you don’t believe me, click on the link I have so nicely provided, or…this link right here works too: http://mynotsosalientlife.blogspot.ca/

So…even though my dear WordPress blog is having a hard time forgiving me, it is with a heavy heart that I take out my shovel and bury this blog.



See you on BlogSpot, yes?


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