You’ve Reading It, I’ve Read It, Therfore We Should Discuss It. ASAP

In English a few classes ago (May 11th, if I recall correctly), I glanced behind me, for some unknown reason, and you’ll never believe what I saw.  I saw a guy (let’s call him guy #3).  Reading a book.  And not just any book, but The Wizard Heir.  Ohmygosh…I read this book is gr.7 and I fell in love with it.  I went crazy, and I bothered my only two friends about how much I loved it.  I even  purposely told them that I really liked this guy in the book, to make them read it, and guess who it was.

The Wizard Heir was one of the first YA books I’ve ever read.  I’m telling you, I loved, loved, loved, it.  I think I may have even teared up a bit when I read it, not because it was sad, but because of the entirety of the book, because of how epic it was.  It was one of the best books ever.  Truly.

Anyways, I instantly had this urge to go up to him and ask him how he’s liking it so far.  I wanted to ask him a whole list of questions I was slowly formulating in my head.  I was debating whether or not I should actually go up to him and ask him, and how I would go about doing it.  And all this time, I was thinking this, our English teacher was explaining our assignment for the day.  And because I’m such an excellent multi-tasker, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do: get into small groups of three or four, then act out either scene 3 or 4 from the Romeo and Juliet play.  See?  I can multi-task just fine.

So the whole time I was getting myself situated in an appropriate group of my choosing, and reciting my scene (3.1-when Romeo intercepted Mercutio and Tybalt from killing each other, in which then Tybalt and Mercutio both end up dead, I was Romeo :D), I periodically looked back at the desk that guy #3 sat at before he got up and got into his group with guy #1.  I was sporadically looking back to see if he’s returned, and also because I had to feast my eyes on that beauteous book that somehow connected me to him.  Sigh…

…and that entire time, I was still tossing around the idea in my head of actually going up to talk to him.  I was still questioning the wisdom of going up to him and exploding the dam of feelings and questions that was quickly building up, and definitely threating to burst any second now.

Gosh!  How I wish I could go up to him and ask him how awesome the book is and what he thinks of the characters, and—actually, you know what, I’ll just list them out.

Okay, here’s a short list I’ve compiled of the questions I’m (dying) to ask him

  • have you read the first book?  Because I didn’t, and I could still thoroughly enjoy the book.  I kid you not, I always read series in order, with the exception of The Wizard Heir, which is when I read the second one before the first one.  And it did not hinder my enjoyment of the book at all.
  • if you have read the first book, how was it?  did you like it better?  I sure didn’t
  • what has been your favourite part so far?
  • what did you think of Seph McCauley?
  • are you going to read The Dragon Heir next?  I thought that The Wizard Heir was the best of the trilogy
  • have you read any other books by Cinda Williams Chima?  Her Seven realms series is also beautifully written, although, not as poignant as this series
  • I can’t believe you’re reading The Wizard Heir, I have never seen anyone reading it before.  It was published such a long time ago, and IMO, no one ever reads these “unpopular” books.  How did you decided to read this book, instead of some other well known classic or “popular” read?  So, the fact that you’ve read a book that I’ve read is something I will squeal over.  With no regrets.

Ooooh, there are just so many questions I could ask him…

And then, I even managed to get myself sitting directly behind his desk, so that I could easily just tap him on the shoulder and tell him already.  That is, when he returns, from wherever he went, and when he comes back, we will commence the wonderful conversation I’ve been quietly and secretly planning for the last half hour.

I was sitting right there.  Waiting.  Ever so patiently…

Unfortunately, he never came back, and my conversation never existed.  Never happened.

Okay, he did come back, but he was too late.  By the time he came back, I had left…siiiiiiiiiiigh.

Of course, I still stood a chance at asking him.  It’s not like this is the last time I’ll ever see him, but…

Class isn’t over yet, and I heard he’s going to the Human Library event later.  And because the library is hosting the event, and I’m a library club member, I could easily sign up to help to during the event, and I would get my chance.  Although there is a very likely chance I will squander it once more.  But, even though I haven’t yet signed up, I could easily get my name on the list and I could ask him then, right?

Or I could do this now.  After all, how hard could it be: I just get up, walk over to him, and tell him.

Piece of cake.

I could do this.

I can.  Really.  Just let me pack up my stuff, take 98,348,237,658,375 very deep breaths, read a 900 paged book, and learn a new language, first.  Then I’ll do it maybe.

This is stupid.  I’m being stupid.  Any other normal high schooler would have just walked up to him and do it already.  So, you might be asking why am I making such a big fuss about it?  Good question.  I’ll let you know when or if I figure it out myself.


Dang it!  The bell has rung, my opportunity gone, lost.

I will forever wake up in the morning with this regret on my shoulders.

I guess I will live out my conversation through my words instead.


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