Today, in Planning 10, our teacher asked me for a simple favor.  But the trip I took to complete her simple task was anything but simple.  If only she knew how this one errand would cause me so much trouble…

After I completed the errand, I wrote this:

Our teacher asked me to get some water for her, I asked, “from where?” and she said “near the gym”.  She said she wanted me to get her some tap water.  OK.  I could do that.  At first I thought she wanted me to get her water from the sink (because that’s where tap water comes from, right?), but then I realized that she probably meant the new machines we got, the ones that filtered out the dirty water.

Our water fountain looked exactly like this

Our water fountain looked exactly like this

When I got there, I realized I had no idea how to use this new machinery.  It’s been installed in our school for about a year now, but I never had the chance to use it.  I, stupidly, decided to push random buttons and hope water would come out, to no avail.  I managed to get water coming out from the drinking fountain (the old one), but not from the filtered water hole.  Oh dear.

I looked around to see if there was anyone who I’d feel comfortable enough to ask for help, especially a girl, but there were no girls around.  Dang it…

But the boys PE class was in session, and this guy and a group of other guys walked by.  I had no choice.  I asked the boys for help, but I was looking at one boy in particular (let’s call him boy #1).  I said something along the lines of “Um, could you help me, please?  I don’t know how to get water to come out.  How do I get the water to come out?”  Yes, it sounded exactly that stupid and mortifying.  My voice even sounded high and, and at the same time, it came out sounding something like a loud whisper, which is as ridiculous as it sounds.

It was supposed to be a simple  fountain for drinking, not some crazy mechanical machine that I, as a straight honor roll student have no idea how to operate.  I felt my face heat up as I asked him, and he showed me.  The situation wasn’t actually as bad as I make it sound, but knowing me, even the simplest of things can affect me greatly.  Anyways, that guy took the teacher’s mug and brought it up to a sensor.  Magically, the water came out!  Gah!  How?!  How?!  How, did I not think of that when I saw that?  How did I miss that?  Did I see it and thought it was just some random black spot?  This shows how simple and dimwitted I am.  I hate it, even though I’ve accepted it.

But still…of all the guys that I could have asked, and of all people why, that guy?  He probably thinks I’m stupid and dimwitted now.  Great.  Just great.  Wonderful…I kind of like this guy and now, not only does he know me as the girl he had to carry during a performance, and the clumsy girl, who had to cling onto his thighs to do a (very failed) cartwheel, during a dance performance.  He now knows me as the girl who was so dimwitted, she doesn’t even know how to operate a simple, water fountain.  A five year old, probably could have figured it out.  There is so much more I could ramble on about for this awful experience, but, moving on.

When guy #1 left to attend his PE class, another guy (we’ll call him boy #2) came up beside me.   While filling up his bottle, he said to me “I don’t even bother with that one, it’s too slow.”  Or something to that extent  (the water coming out from the filtered water hole was trickling out ever so slowly).  Then he left.  (I have no idea why I felt the need to mention this part, since it was nothing compared to the initial embarrassment)  Aaaaaaand, I was still standing there, holding up a cup to the sensor, and waiting for the cup to fill up.

After what felt like an eon, my teacher’s mug was finally filled up to what I deemed to be a reasonably satisfying level.  Then I made my way back up to my Planning 10 class.

I tried to act normal, and pretend that incident never happened.  I tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying.  Really, I did.  But I couldn’t.  My mind kept replaying what just happened, analyzing everything and wondering what each action, what every thought and word spoken between us (I’m talking about guy #1) could have meant.  For all things good and holy, I just couldn’t focus.  For the life of me, I really, and truly couldn’t.  I really couldn’t shake the onslaught of feelings, which were my emotions.

I kept thinking about what had just happened only moments ago.  I couldn’t stop thinking of the event that was “MY TEACHER’S MUG AND THE STUPID GIRL WHO HAD NO IDEA HOW TO OPERATE A WATER FOUNTAIN”  So, in order for me to stop furiously pondering the event, and get rid of my excess energy, AND calm my beating heart, I decided to write all this.  All while our teacher was talking about Revolution, (which is a great film btw, and something I will write about in a later post).  Soon, talk of the film, Revolution, lead to voting for the right person so that the elected person cares enough about the environment that they won’t do something horrible.  Like, agree with the construction of the Tarzan pipeline (which I hate!!!).  And that lead to the thought of: should we lower the voting age?  The current person we were talking about only won because 40% of the population voted, approximately.  So what happened to the rest of the 60%?  Yes, that is a good question, since I do care about the environment very much, and would hate to see it destroyed.  Then it lead to the thought of: are sixteen year olds responsible enough to drive?  Which also lead to the question: should we lower the age when we’re allowed to drink alcohol?  (See, I can totally multi-task 🙂  I can write all this, while listening to most of what our teacher said)  OK I’m done.  I feel way better now that I have written down (most of) the crazy stuff that were swirling around in my head.. I can (almost) concentrate on our teacher completely now.  I feel so much more…free?  As if a weight has been lifted from my heart (not my shoulders)

So, that was what I wrote during Planning 10, if anyone saw me in that class, they would probably have seen a girl furiously scribbling on a sheet of paper, while whipping her head up every few seconds to look at the teacher, to let her know that she was definitely paying rapt attention to every single world the teacher said.

Well, there you go.  That was a snippet from the mind of a fifteen year old girl, with a very unsalient life.  Ta-Da!

*just a thought, but I really wish guy #1 actually read this, and I wonder what he would think…


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