I have four things I feel the need to mention…

Hello again people! Gosh, keeping up a blog is hard work.  I could easily just be lazy and never write here again.  For those of you who actually read what I write, try to leave a comment below with your thoughts on whether it’s worth keeping a blog, or not.

*I say try because blogging is new and foreign to me, so leaving a comment below with let me know that I did something right.  You can do this one little thing for me, right?

1) I finally managed to work up the nerve to talk to the teacher who wanted to publish my poem, and it was very, anti climatic, to say the least.  I have to say, I expected to sit down, and discuss about how to shorten my poem, and stuff…
But no.  I think he forgot about what he said and though about me, which was just a bit awkward on my part.

Yeah, you said it Sam.  Awkward.

It was so weird, he was just staring at me, and he had a slight smile curling his lips up.  After a few times of me, stupidly trying to explain the situation (also stupidly, I explained it to him using the exact same phrase) using my limited vocabulary when talking to people, he finally remembered me and said he’d liked a copy of it, because I impressed him, it was really good, I should join a writing course, and it was awesome, yada, yada, yada…
So yeah, it was anti climatic, and quite disappointing…

2) Guys?  I think I made my first official friend in high school…This is a huge, huge, accomplishment/milestone for me.  I have never, never, been good at making friends, since I’m such an introvert, not to mention lame.  And for me to consider someone a friend, the said person has to pass a series of tests and we have to have the official “we are friends” talk.  It sounds a bit like this:

Me: Hey person, who is not my friend.
Person: Hi.  We’re friends, right?
Me: We are?!
Person: Yes!  What do you think we’re been for the past few eons?
Me: Let me make this perfectly crystal clear for my very simple minded nature: We are friends.  Friends who talk to each other, without too many inhibitions, and friends who help each other when tough times arrive.  Yes?  We are friends? For real?  Like, the actual BFF thing?  Really?
Person: …
Me: …
Person: yes…?
Me: Hallelujah, I have a human friend. (I have a lot of book friends)
Person: Okaaaay, then, now that we have that settled, I’m just going to unsuspiciously walk out this door before you go crazy with the idea of us being friends…
Me: Okay!  Friend.

Anyways, that is an example of the conversation I have to have with a person who claims to be my friend, and even after that, it could take years to gain my complete and absolute trust, and be considered a true friend.  I know it sounds…bad, and really, really troublesome, but that’s just the way I am.  Believe me, I don’t choose to be like this, it’s just in my nature to do so…

So, to the friend who had the official friend conversation with me on April 14, 2015, in dance class,  I congratulate and applaud you on (kinda) taking the initiative to commence the friendship conversation with me.  I will remember you forever and ever, and ever.  Your face has been permanently etched onto my brain, and I will forever remember you as my first official friend in high school.  Congrats.  I value our friendship deeply, and your friendship means the world to me.  Thank you for being my friend.

Yes, happy dance from that guy, to you
And these giraffes are so happy for you, their partying.

3) Apollo 13.
A few days ago, in science, our science teacher was teaching us about physics, and if you know me, you’d know that I hate math.  And physics involve a lot of math.  So, naturally, physics and I are sworn enemies, and will never be friends with each other.  So, when our teacher told us about the people involved with the safe return of Apollo 13, I was astonished.  Engrossed, enraptured, infatuated, smitten, and whatever other words you can think of.  I was fascinated beyond belief.  Mind, blown.  *commence mind blown gifs

Yes.  Mind=Blown is correct
Yes, go you! Ppppooooof.  Hey, here’s a thought, try to synchronize with the guy above you.
(no, really, if you watch them for awhile, they almost look synchronized)
Okay, maybe not so much like that…cause that would be beyond painful
*shivers*, okay, maybe I shouldn’t stare at this for too long…poor guy…

I don’t think I will ever look at physics the same again.  I was absolutely captivated by my teacher’s retelling of Apollo 13, from them using physics to calculate their route back to earth without dying a horrible death, to…them using physics again, to calculate how to use the moon’s gravity to catapult them back to earth.  It was. Awesome.  And Epic.

4) And to end off with a less mind blown-ing thing: I am finally volunteering!  Kinda.  I have done myself the honour of signing myself up for Reading Buddies.  It’s a program in the library where I read to a little “buddy”.  All I’ve been to is the training session, so I’m looking forward to next Tuesday, where I will actually be reading to my “buddy”.  Wish me luck?

And thank you for your support Morgan Freeman 😀

P.S. Please remember to leave a comment


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